Friday, May 18, 2012

Buri Buri Elementary School, South San Francisco 2011

This 100 tile mural was created by 4 classes of second graders. Each class was given the assignment to make a drawing of one of the four seasons. They then transfered the drawings onto commercial tiles, painted them with 3 coats of color and the result is this fantastic 4 foot high by 8.5 foot long mural. It hangs along the same walkway as the mural made the previous year.


John Muir Elementary School San Francisco

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sutro Elementary School, San Francisco 2010

The teachers requested a geometric mural with each grade taking on a different aspect of geometry - symmetry, figure ground reversal, tessellation, polygons. All the grades in the school participated. At first, it was difficult for some of the student to understand that non-representational shapes could be art. The final result is stunning and no one needed to be convinced of that. It can be easily seen from the 12th Ave side of the school. It consists of 120 6 inch square tiles. Not counting the frame, the mural measures 5 feet high and 6 feet long.


Buri Buri Elementary School, South San Francisco 2010

This beautiful 100+ tile mural is located in the main walkway of the school. You pass it on the way to class, lunch, and the office. The themes the second graders worked with were gardens,the ocean, the forest, and wild animals. It brightens up the whole spot and measures 3 feet high by 8.5 feet wide, not including the border.


Sheridan Elementary School, San Francisco

This 90+ tile mural graces the stairwell of the school. It was done with students in the afterschool program. The themes we worked with were your favorite toys, foods, and places to go. The mural measures 3.5 feet high by 6.5 feet high.


Longfellow Elementary School, San Francisco

This large 80+ tile mural makes a big splash on the wall of the cafeteria of the school right over several sinks. The themes were birds, bugs, favorite flowers, and favorite foods. Not including the border, this mural is 4.5 feet square.